Blackcomb Mountain Ski Map V3.0                     
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The 2018 Version 3.0 Blackcomb Mountain Ski Map. This is the most accurate and detailed Blackcomb ski map in existence. Featuring an up-close map scale of 1:4,493 and a 10cm resolution ortho-photo base layer merged with topographical elevation information, this map is an unparalleled representation of Blackcomb Mountain available for your Android or IOS device. New for 2018, huge aesthetic change for styles for runs, water courses (lakes, rivers, streams), cliff areas, various labels and an updated legend.

Price: $9.99 (bundled with Whistler Mountain)


  • Portrait Orientation.
  • Unique ski map orientation, designed in the direction of travel to help aid location and feature finding.
  • Geo-referenced file using NAD83 / UTM Zone 10N allows you to pinpoint your location.
  • Extremely high resolution base imagery, based on 10cm/pixel orthophotos.
  • Map includes all trail names on the Whistler Blackcomb trail map as well as plenty more local/operation trail and feature names.
  • Clearly outlined boundary, permanent closure, provincial park, avalanche and cliff zones.
  • Mobile GPS positioning allows outdoor location pinpointing within 10 meters (based on the effectiveness of the GPS system in use).
  • Detailed 10m contour lines extracted from digital elevation models (DEMs).
  • Completely self-contained and requires no mobile network data connection on phones with dedicated GPS. *Older phones with AGPS still requires a mobile network connection*.
  • Updated magnetic declination for 2018 (NOAA).
  • This map is includes in the ULLR map Whistler/Blackcomb bundle.
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