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The Spearhead Traverse and Whistler Backcountry V1.0
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The 2017 Version 1.0 Spearhead Traverse and Whistler Backcountry Map.

*Please note, this map is not yet released. Expected late January 2018 release.


  • Landscape orientation.
  • Unique ski map orientation, designed in the direction of travel to help aid location and feature finding.
  • Geo-referenced file using NAD83 / UTM Zone 10N allows you to pinpoint your location.
  • Extremely high resolution base imagery, based on 20cm/pixel orthophotos.
  • Classic peaks along with other high points and their elevations.
  • Standard winter Spearhead traverse route marked in red with segment distances, as well as various other routes including poor weather and access routes to peaks or other geographical features.
  • Backcountry runs marked in black and with general route directions.
  • Spearhead traverse elevation profile with distances and approximate glacier locations.
  • Glaciers and their extents, updated from 2014 information.
  • Mobile GPS positioning allows outdoor location pinpointing within 10 meters (based on the effectiveness of the GPS system in use).
  • Detailed 20m contour lines extracted from digital elevation models (DEMs).
  • Completely self-contained and requires no mobile network data connection on phones with dedicated GPS.
  • Updated magnetic declination for 2017 (NOAA).
  • This map is sold separately.
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