Whistler Village Visitor Map (NEW)
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The 2018 Version 1.0 Whistler Village Visitor Map.

Price: FREE


  • Paired with the ULLR Maps application.
  • Landscape orientation.
  • Allows users to test app features and get a sense of the maps before purchasing paid maps.
  • Includes a comprehensive listing of hotels, restaurants, stores, activities, health and beauty facilities as well as services.
  • Extremely high-resolution base imagery, based on 10cm/pixel orthophotos.
  • Highlights tourist attractions and parks.
  • Includes a comprehensive roadmap, including street names and bus stops.
  • Most detailed Whistler Village map available.
  • Mobile GPS positioning allows outdoor location pinpointing within 10 meters (based on the effectiveness of the GPS system in use).
  • Track your friends, family members or tour group while in the village using the ‘find my friends’ feature (this feature requires a data connection)
  • GPS pinpointing and GPS tracking is entirely self-contained and does not require a data plan.
  • This map is the first map in our free tourist series of maps.