ULLR Adventure Map Technical Information
Further map information

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Our maps use the North American Datum NAD83, a geodetic reference system ellipsoid (GRS80).

Map Projection and Zone

Our maps are created using Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) conformal projection. The extents of our maps lie within Zone 10N.

Map projection parameters
  • Central Meridian: -123°
  • False Easting: 500,000m
  • False Northing: 0m
  • Latitude of Origin: 0°
  • Scale Factor: 0.9996
UTM Coordinate Format

ULLR Adventure Maps use a measured grid with the following coordinate format:  5549000mN    spaced at 1km intervals. Our map grid also contains a graticule grid with the following coordinate format: 50° 05′ spaced at 0.02° intervals.

Map scales

ULLR Adventure maps use a variety of non-traditional scales that best suit the desired display area:

  • Whistler and Blackcomb Mountain Ski Map: 1:3,937
  • Spearhead Traverse and Whistler Backcountry 1:10,597
Magnetic declination and annual change

ULLR Adventure Maps regularly updates the magnetic declination on our maps. We source our information from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s magnetic field calculators. You can see the current magnetic declination for Whistler here.

Map contour intervals

All ULLR Adventure Maps use either a 10m or 20m contour interval depending on the map footprint. This is done because our maps are purposefully built at a relatively small scale and a small contour interval helps interpret terrain with a higher amount of accuracy.

Map grid cell size

ULLR Adventure Maps use a cell size of 1,000 x 1,000 m.